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What are our Solidarity Events?

Solidarity is creating places to provide good-hearted inclusive fun for a whole range of people in our community to enjoy. Solidarity's FUN-draising events promote involvement and mutual support. We want to help those in our community feeling miserable, lonely or overwhelmed. We want to assist people to make progress and find friendships that bring renewed personal fulfilment, freedom of choice, and the means to improve their lives.

Who are these events for?

Whatever your situation, all are welcome - especially those that are having a tough or lonely time at home and want to come along for a brief escape. Maybe invite or connect with a friend or two, and be amongst good hearted fun and fab entertainment, and laugh and dance and sing along. You are always welcome to come be part of something nice!


We support local and national charities that improve the difficult lives of others. Solidarity is not political and it's not is inclusive, it is kind, and it is very fun. We are going to put on all kinds of content in shows and events. From the charity fundraising events that we arrange, and with the supporting involvement of some cool local small businesses, each event will make a  consistent donation to our chosen important charities that help people around here.

That's what it's about!


What shows have we got next?

Follow us on our social media platforms to keep updated with what we've got planned! We look forward to seeing you all at our exciting upcoming events!

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